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100% Success Rate. Clients have achieved up to
8kg sustained weight loss in 4 weeks



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At DNA Health we focus on achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss. Our innovative methods use a functional medicine approach, where we conduct detailed assessments in order to identify the root cause of your weight gain.

Time and time again, traditional ‘one size fits all’ weight loss regimes which focus solely on nutrition (calorie reduction) and physical activity (calorie deficit) fail to understand the body’s complexity, and the multiple interactions which influence weight management: genetics, metabolism, hormones, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, digestive system disorders or food intolerances: to name a few.

DNA Health is led by Dr Nas who is a pioneering functional medicine doctor specialising in tailored weight loss solutions. Each client receives a bespoke program, specific to their weight loss needs, proving very effective outcomes.

DNA Health is fully integrated with the wellness resort located in the grounds of Al Qasr. This unique offering allows us to provide truly holistic interventions, integrating all aspects of medical wellness: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, detoxification, and bio-cosmetics, all in one location.

  • Clinic led by a specialist UK Doctor
  • Advanced metabolic, nutritional, and hormonal testing
  • Bespoke plans targeting root cause
  • Unique scientifically proven approach with 100% success rate
  • Complete weight loss solution

Weight Loss Journey

What does the package include?
  • Comprehensive medical history and lifestyle consultation.
  • Full Metabolic Evaluation (CMP)
  • Genetic testing to identify your DNA profile specifically for weight loss (Weightgen)
  • Food sensitivities and allergy testing (IgG)
  • Adrenal Stress Panel
  • Body composition analysis
  • Mind-Body-Spirit integration, stress management and sleep restoration
  • Functional medicine comprehensive consultation with follow up
  • Holistic Lifestyle Written Plan
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Why DNA Health?

  • Pioneering Functional Medical Doctor
  • Personalised program that will work for you
  • 100% success rate with clients
  • Only fully integrated weight loss clinic of its type in GCC
  • From medical treatments to thai chi and yoga all in one location
  • 15% off weight loss packages for a limited time

Tailored treatments and lifestyle plans based on your DNA profile.
Understand your body and follow a plan that is personalized for your genetics.

Case Studies

The moment I got my results I was hooked on my ‘genetic potential’ as so much of it made sense to me. I followed the suggested lifestyle plan with active work out for 3 months down the line, I can say that the info has made a considerably positive impact on my life. Looking and feeling great. Thanks DNA health!

Limon. S
laser hair removal BEFORE
laser hair removal AFTER

Understanding more about my natural abilities has helped me vastly improve my workout. I followed the recommendations and six months later I could see a huge difference. Awesome!! What else can I say!? Five stars. Thank you DNA health.

Aaron James
laser hair removal BEFORE
laser hair removal AFTER