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What To Expect

Free Consultation With Clinical Team

A free consultation is the starting point, during which we obtain relevant medical information to enable us to offer an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan for each guest.

Medical Health Analysis

You will then be asked to complete an intake questionnaire at home, regarding your health history, to be returned to us before your next visit. The next step is a 30 minute consultation to collect blood or saliva samples for testing and conduct body composition analysis. You may be required to fast before this, but the nurses will explain in advance what will be involved and how to prepare. You may also take a separate fitness test.

Detailed Multi-Disciplinary Consultation

Lab results usually take about 1 week. as they are sent to the US, after which you will have your main consultation with the multi-disciplinary team at DNA Health. This usually comprises a functional medicine physician, a nutritionist, a lifestyle coach and a naturopath or homeopath. This will last approximately 2 hours and will review your test results along with your medical history and lifestyle. You will leave with a detailed written treatment plan and a full set of your test results.

Detailed Treatment Plan

The treatment plan may include follow-up 1 on 1 session with the nutritionist or other health practitioners.

Follow-up Sessions

After 2 to 6 weeks a follow up consultation with the physician and nutritionist is usually arranged but treatment duration is dependent on the individual and the progression of their health.