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DNA Center for Integrative Medicine & Wellness

Center for Integrative Medicine & Wellness

A state-of-the-art center of excellence for health and wellness, providing the highest level of US healthcare and integrative medicine protocols for healthy aging, lifestyle management and the treatment of chronic disease. With natural, harmonious interiors inspired by the tranquility and fluidity of nature, the DNA center is designed to provide a transformative space for guests seeking healing, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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DNA Highlights

Your dedicated team of DNA clinical specialists and functional medicine experts - as well as your nutritionist, personal trainer and lifestyle educator - will work with you over four days to design a personalized wellness treatment program aimed at preventing chronic disease and creating positive life-long habits to transform your state of well-being.Read More

Offers the same core medical treatment programs as the DNA 4 Life foundational personalized lifestyle medicine packages, but spanning over a three-month period to provide ultimate flexibility. Read more

Turn back the clock and move forward into the best years of your life. Our two-day DNA 4 Life - Executive Health Screening medical program & hospitality package integrates comprehensive physical exams by our medical experts, an array of laboratory and functional tests and on-site health assessments. Read more



DNA Health in The National Newspaper

 DNA Health in Emirates Tourism Magazine

 Over the last decade, the United Arab Emirates has been firmly established as a World Class destination for tourism. Besides its natural beauty with clean beaches and rugged wilderness, millions of tourists are attracted to its iconic cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Consultant Physician, Dr. Nasim Ashraf shares his expertise on Epigenetics and its impact on Health and wellness:

DNA (New You)

 New research has now revealed that while we all have genetic predispositions to diseases, our genes are not necessarily our destiny. Lifestyle choices affect how our genes direct our body’s function and ageing.

Zawya: International Cricket celebrity Wasim Akram named brand ambassador for DNA center:

Tuesday, June 17 - 2014

 Abu Dhabi - Saadyiyat-based DNA center for integrative medicine and wellness has appointed international cricket celebrity Mr. WasimAkram as its Brand Ambassador to spread awareness on some diseases including diabetes and obesity which are widespread in the UAE and other parts of the Gulf region.
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